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Used by CPA’s, EA’s, Tax Advisors, Valuators, Forensic Accountants and Attorneys when they need to determine a Reasonable Compensation figure for a client. Whether for Tax Compliance, Normalization or Planning, RCReports has a report to fit your need.


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About RCReports

RCReports provides instant and accurate insights into Reasonable Compensation for closely held businesses to ensure your clients remain compliant, minimize risk and realize maximum payroll tax savings. With in-built industry, legal, IRS criteria and salary data intelligence, tax advisors, valuators and forensic accountants gain access to credible and independent Reasonable Compensation calculations with guaranteed cover in the event of an IRS audit or litigation.

Access reports for planning, compliance or normalization within minutes through an intuitive, cloud-based platform, removing all guesswork and providing full documentation and transparency around your clients’ compensation.


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Save Time
Accurate, independent reports
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Increase Income
Deliver a true value-add
client experience
Reduce Risks
Reduce compliance risk for you
and your clients
Wages Database

We synthesize a proprietary blend of IRS criteria, court rulings, geographic data and our Exclusive database of wages to...

Cost Approach

Cost Approach

The Cost Approach breaks the duties of the business owner into its components such as company administration, accounting, finance...

Market Approach

Market Approach

Compares the business owner's compensation to compensation within the same industry. The market approach focuses as much as possible...

Income Approach

Income Approach

Seeks to determine whether a hypothetical investor would be satisfied with their return on investment when looking at the financial...

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  • W-2 or 1099 for Shareholder-Employees of S Corps?

    By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA It is a common scenario. A current client elects S Corp status but forgets to tell you, or a new S Corp client comes your way in the new year. Both have taken distributions but NO reasonable compensation. Do you advise paying wages via W-2 or

  • How one Reasonable Compensation Report saved a Taxpayer $80,000+

    By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA Is credible data really that important? Yes. In one recent case, data convinced an IRS Examiner to abandon an unreasonable position, saving the taxpayer thousands of dollars. In the process the CPA, whose data-less compensation guess attracted the audit in the first place, saw his reputation

  • 77% of Accountants Misinformed on Reasonable Compensation

    By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA The most popular methods for computing reasonable compensation are, like the cool kids in high school, cute and fun to hang around with, but not who you need at your side come finals week. Conventional Wisdom, Rule of Thumb, and Safe Harbor methodologies win the popularity

  • “More Action Can Be Taken”: IRS Aims Big Data at Officer Compensation

    By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA Just how big of an issue is S Corp. officer compensation under reporting? Big would be an understatement. The most recent estimate (TY 2011-2013) has S Corp. owners underreporting compensation by $24 billion per year, twice as much as ten years earlier. So, what is the


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