The #1 Reasonable Compensation Analysis Solution

Reasonable Compensation Analysis Solution

Save time, reduce risk,
and increase revenue


Custom Reports in Minutes

Choose between the three IRS approved approaches and tap into the largest source of credible wage data in the country to quickly create accurate, customized reasonable compensation reports for your clients.

Resources to Educate Clients

Solidify yourself as a Trusted Advisor to your clients by using the resources we provide to educate them on the compliance and tax planning issues related to reasonable compensation.


Protection & Compliance

Take this quick, 2-minute quiz to assess your risk posture when it comes to reasonable compensation.


Increase Firm Revenue

Reasonable Compensation acts as the gateway to advisory services in your firm. Most of our clients charge for Reasonable Compensation reports, either ad-hoc or as part of a package offering.

Trusted by Industry Experts

“Accurate reasonable compensation calculations are critical for closely-held businesses. RCReports makes them effortless.”

Dawn Brolin CPA, CFE
The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals


Everything you need to add Reasonable
Compensation to your practice

Methodology Approaches

Choose from one of the three IRS approved approaches for calculating Reasonable Compensation: Cost Approach, Market Approach, or Income Approach.

Defensible Reports

Generate a full report that includes your client’s Reasonable Compensation figure, details of the methodology approach used, and supporting documentation.

Resource Library

Access templates, whitepapers, eBooks, court cases, and more to educate yourself and your clients on the topic of Reasonable Compensation.

Warp Speed Wages

Instantly access wage data for over 6,000 occupations broken down by national, state, and county level.

Entity Selection Planning

Use this tool to determine if a client should switch to an S Corp and show savings over a 10-year period.

Advisor Network

Include your firm in our database of Reasonable Compensation Advisors that business owners use to find their next accounting firm.

Custom Branding

Add your firm’s logo and color scheme to all reports to elevate your standing as a Trusted Advisor.

Pro Advisor Worksheet

Add your own adjustments and notes as an amendment to the official Reasonable Compensation report.

Industry expertise
recommended for you

Articles and resources to help you & your clients understand Reasonable Compensation.

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