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#1 Reasonable Compensation Analysis Solution. Start Now

Used by CPA’s, EA’s, Tax Advisors, Valuators, Forensic Accountants and Attorneys when they need to determine a Reasonable Compensation figure for a client. Whether for Tax Compliance, Normalization or Planning, RCReports has a report to fit your need.


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The field guide to Leverage Reasonable Compensation to ignite Year-Round Advisory Revenue

Download our field guide today and learn how a reasonable compensation analysis can add value to your clients, discover how reasonable compensation affects everything from payroll taxes, tax planning strategies and so much more!

About RCReports

RCReports provides instant and accurate insights into Reasonable Compensation for closely held businesses to ensure your clients remain compliant, minimize risk and realize maximum payroll tax savings. With in-built industry, legal, IRS criteria and salary data intelligence, tax advisors, valuators and forensic accountants gain access to credible and independent Reasonable Compensation calculations with guaranteed cover in the event of an IRS audit or litigation.

Access reports for planning, compliance or normalization within minutes through an intuitive, cloud-based platform, removing all guesswork and providing full documentation and transparency around your clients’ compensation.


Yeppers! You can schedule a demo with a member of our team, join us for our weekly group demo, or watch an archived demo. We’ll show you around the platform and answer any questions you have about RCReports. We don’t offer free trials, however we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

No worries – we anticipated this might happen; most of our subscribers do just that. You can upgrade to another plan anytime and pay only the prorated difference in price.

We hate to talk about breaking up before we’re an item – but yes. You can request a full refund anytime in the first 30 days. We’ll want to check in with you and see if we can fix the issue, but if we can’t, we’ll refund 100% of your subscription price and cancel your account.

What The Experts Say

Save Time
Accurate, independent reports
in minutes not days
Increase Income
Deliver a true value-add
client experience
Reduce Risks
Reduce compliance risk for you
and your clients


  • Reasonable Compensation Horror Stories: The Tax Man Cometh

    By Eric L. Green, Esq. When my office phone rings at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon, you know it’s probably bad. This particular call was no exception. On the other end of the line was Bob, a CPA I had known for years. “Counselor,” he started, “I have a real problem.” “Okay, Bob, what’s the

  • Accurate Reasonable Compensation Calculations Add Up to Additional Revenue for Firms and Payroll Tax Savings for Their Clients

    John Coleman, CPA, is the owner of Commonwealth Business Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The firm offers a wide variety of business services, specializing in tax preparation for individuals and businesses and small business accounting. Since signing up for RCReports, they’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction as well as firm revenue.

  • If It’s Not Documented, It’s Not Done

    By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA Having a Reasonable Compensation figure that is “reasonable” isn’t enough anymore. With the IRS turning up the heat on Reasonable Compensation compliance [See IRS TECH TARGETS S CORP OFFICER COMPENSATION], having that figure backed up by a credible source and documented is now critical in order

  • Unpacking the Increased IRS Enforcement in IRA22 for S Corps

    By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA22) was signed into law on August 16, 2022. The goal of the package is to raise $737 billion in revenue over the next decade, with $127 billion of that revenue coming from increased IRS enforcement. While it will take


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