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In 2012, RCReports set out to modernize the process of analyzing reasonable compensation and creating accurate & defensible reasonable compensation reports.

Our Vision

Our founders set out to create a solution that allows any accounting or finance professional to generate an accurate and defensible reasonable compensation report in a matter of minutes.

Paul Hamann

Paul Hamann

Founder & President

Paul is an expert on determining Reasonable Compensation for closely-held business owners. He’s educated more than 100,000 financial professionals on the topic and has been published in numerous national and state journals. When he isn’t in the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and chocolate lab, hiking Colorado’s back country or paddling its scenic lakes and rivers.
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Bill Schneier

Bill Schneider

VP of Analytics

Bill has guided teams of data scientists in a wide range of analysis projects, including consumer intelligence and predictive modeling solutions. Bill uses his vast expertise to lead the team responsible for the RCReports wage database and has previously been nominated to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Technical Advisory Committee. When not crunching numbers, he is a children’s ski instructor, enjoys an occasional round of golf, and stays fit by working out at the local CrossFit gym.
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Austin Anderson

Director of Customer Success

Austin is a driven leader with a history of turning around and creating programs that focus on providing customers with a successful, high-quality experience during every phase of their journey. He has shown continued commitment to his customers’ success by keeping them as the focal point of each decision and continually driving initiatives to help them achieve the value they want in RCReports. When not in the office, he enjoys playing pickup basketball, embarrassing himself on the golf course, and spending as much time as he can with his beautiful wife and two daughters.
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Rob Southworth

Rob Southworth

Director of Sales

Rob is an ambitious sales leader who has a proven track record of successfully building teams within the startup world. Throughout his career, he has shown a strong commitment to creating and implementing sales strategies from the ground up while coaching, managing, and supporting fast growing sales teams. Outside of the sales world, Rob enjoys hitting the golf links and cheering on his Clemson Tigers.
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Abbie Deaver

Abbie Deaver

Director of Marketing

Abbie has scaled marketing programs and teams for B2B SaaS companies for the past 12+ years. She loves creating and executing strategy as well as building, coaching, and mentoring teams of the best marketers around. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, entertaining her dog Springer, and watching reality TV.
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Remy Martin

Remy Martin

Chief People Officer

Remy started coming into the office as a young puppy & quickly decided RCR was one of his life’s passions. As a gentle, friendly, well-trained Labrador, the first role in which he excelled was Director of Barketing; Remy was soon promoted to Chief People Officer.  Remy’s favorite things about his job are hanging out on his ottoman during Zoom meetings, greeting everyone who comes in with great enthusiasm, and his mid-day lunch break & walk around the neighborhood. Remy embraces “quitting time” and believes in strong Work/Play balance. When not at the office, Remy finds joy in Playing Ball, Hiking, Swimming, Playing with his Pup friends and of course, treats, cuddling and hanging out with his family.

We’re always looking for top-tier talent to join our team.

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