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A big thank you to all of our users!  Thanks for making RCReports the go-to solution for CPA’s and Financial Advisors when Reasonable Compensation is on the line.  We know you are in the depths of tax season so we are keeping this month’s newsletter short – see below for the sweet.

We appreciate all the feedback you gave us last year.  While you’re busy with tax season we are busy upgrading RCReports for you.  Here is what you can expect from us this year:

  • Expanded Proficiency Levels:  We are expanding the proficiency levels from 3 to 5!  It was a monumental task for our mathematicians and statisticians but we are just about home…
  • Customizable Interview & Reports:  Option to make RCReports look and feel like your firm’s own program!  From the interview through the final report, your clients will see only your firm’s name and logo.  We don’t mind taking a back seat; our goal is to promote you and your firm with your clients.
  • Optional Advisor Worksheet:  Need to consider additional information and circumstances for a client before their Reasonable Compensation Report is finalized?  We will have you covered…

A Shot of Reasonable Compensation News:
For those of you who need a shot of Reasonable Compensation news, I recommend a recent article by Tony Nitti: Reasonable Compensation In The S Corporation Arena

Reasonable Compensation Horror Story: A Realtor Haunted By Missing Reasonable Compensation Calculations and Payroll Non-Compliance

As many of us in the tax and accounting profession know, there’s rarely much good that can come out of the IRS flagging a business owner’s personal tax return for…
Court Cases & True Stories October 31, 2023

Rising and Falling Revenue: The Keys to Reasonable Compensation Calculations for Real Estate Agents

You may think it’s a challenge to calculate reasonable compensation for real estate agents due to fluctuations in the economy.
Best Practices October 23, 2023

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