Dawn Brolin Reveals Her Must-Have Accounting Apps

Dawn Brolin, an experienced CPA with extensive experience navigating the challenges of owning an accounting firm (communicating with clients, getting documentation in a timely manner, knowing how to price your services, and more) has successfully transformed her firm into a highly efficient operation by leveraging the appropriate tech stack. By implementing streamlined workflows and processes facilitated by accounting apps, she and her team are able to work effectively and efficiently, working just six hours a day during tax season.

Dawn has discovered that maintaining a consistent and transparent client onboarding and communication process is key to success. Before implementing her Starting Lineup of accounting apps in her firm, important details were frequently overlooked, and tasks slipped through the cracks. By establishing a secure and user-friendly workflow process that remains consistent across all clients, Dawn has significantly enhanced client satisfaction while simultaneously reducing stress and saving valuable time for both herself and her team. She’s also been able to increase her fees! Keep reading for Dawn’s must-have accounting apps that will help transform your firm.

Reasonable Compensation: RCReports

RCReports offers reliable and immediate insights into Reasonable Compensation for closely held businesses. It provides tax advisors, valuators, and forensic accountants with accurate and independent calculations of Reasonable Compensation, incorporating industry, legal, IRS criteria, and proprietary salary data intelligence. By utilizing RCReports, you can assist your clients in maintaining compliance, minimizing risk, and achieving maximum payroll tax savings. Having a Reasonable Compensation report for documentation is non-negotiable for your clients.

The software is built on the same methodologies employed by the IRS for calculating reasonable compensation. This ensures that you and your clients can trust the accuracy and credibility of the figures generated. RCReports provides peace of mind during the calculation process.

With RCReports, professionals can streamline their workflows and offer clients comprehensive and accurate insights into Reasonable Compensation. The platform equips them with the necessary tools to provide strategic recommendations and guidance based on robust data analysis.

Practice Management/Workflow: Financial Cents

Financial Cents is an easy-to-use practice management software built specifically for accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Financial Cents makes it easy to create a seamless workflow across your accounting team. You can seamlessly track client work, assign work to team staff and collaborate, manage capacity, and stay on top of deadlines, all in one place.

Learn more about Financial Cents.

Client Management: Liscio

Liscio is the #1 Client Experience app for accountants. Liscio provides an all-in-one digital space for firms and their clients to work together. Firms using Liscio retain more clients, get more referrals, and spend at least 40% less time chasing clients, looking for information, and resending client documents, and more.

Learn more about Liscio.

Document Storage: SmartVault

SmartVault is a cloud-based document management and client portal platform built specifically for the unique needs of accounting professionals. With over 15 years of experience serving the industry – and over 3 million users – SmartVault deeply understands the pain points and workflows that firms face daily. This relentless accounting focus drives SmartVault’s product innovation, giving accounting pros an intuitive platform tailored to their real-world needs and proven to increase productivity.

Learn more about SmartVault.

 Automated eCommerce and Retail Accounting & Reconciliation: Bookkeep

Untangle the accounting for your multi-channel ecommerce and retail clients! With automatic accrual-based summary journal entries posted to QuickBooks Online, Xero or Zoho Books or Sage Intacct while you sleep, accurately recognizing the revenue, sales tax, fees, and deposits from platforms like Shopify, Square, Amazon, PayPal (and many more!) has never been easier.

Learn more about Bookkeep.

Financial Planning & Analysis: Jirav

Launch and nurture successful Financial Planning & Analysis Advisory Services using Jirav’s comprehensive platform for budgeting, forecasting, dashboards, and analytics. By integrating general ledger and workforce data, Jirav offers an all-in-one solution that empowers firms to triple their advisory revenue.

Learn more about Jirav.

Hosting & Cybersecurity: Visory

Stay proactive against cyber threats with Visory SecureWorkplace® solutions. Tailored specifically for accounting businesses, Visory offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services that safeguard your operations. With deep industry expertise at its core, their solutions integrate the latest technology with superior protocols and procedures to maintain compliance and ensure robust protection. Their offerings include secure QuickBooks hosting, protected cloud drives and customized IT support. Designed for optimal compliance and data security, Visory’s platform delivers strong support and effective infrastructure management.

Learn more about Visory.

Dawn has proven how successful a small firm can be when technology is utilized to streamline workflows and bring new offerings to clients. RCReports not only keeps Dawn’s clients in compliance with S Corp reasonable compensation regulations, but it’s also brought a new revenue stream to her firm.

“If you want to take your firm to Advisory RCReports is an absolutely must-have tool. It provides essential reasonable compensation analysis for closely-held businesses, and it’s the perfect add-on to increase revenue generation with tax and advisory services” – Dawn Brolin

Want to learn more about RCReports? Watch a demo today.

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