Short & Sweet this Month

A big thank you to all of our users!  Thanks for making RCReports the go-to solution for CPA’s and Financial Advisors when Reasonable Compensation is on the line.  We know you are in the depths of tax season so we are keeping this month’s newsletter short – see below for the sweet.


Why S Corp Owners Require a Custom Job Profile

A small business owner I know jokes that his business card should read “President and Janitor” (and everything in between). So, when my friend tries to determine his reasonable compensation figure (at his accountant’s request), should he be compensated as President? Janitor? Or somewhere in between? Where in between?


McAlary v. IRS

“Another one bites the dust.”  Just a line that popped into my head when I read the recent Reasonable Compensation (RC) case: Sean McAlary Ltd, Inc. v. Commissioner.  McAlary Ltd. joins a long list of S Corps that have lost their RC challenges in court, about 25 in all.  The McAlary case is not that different …

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