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Reasonable Compensation for S Corps

Course Description: For two decades, the IRS has been preparing an assault on reasonable compensation for S corps. Their arsenal is now fully locked and loaded with everything from commonsense tools to obscure memos. We will explore key court cases, IRS guidelines, preparer penalties, and some of the obscure weapons the IRS has put in …

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Tax Summit – Reasonable Compensation

Both S corporations and C corporations must generally pay reasonable compensation to shareholder-employees. This course will discuss the reasonable compensation issue for both entity types using case law as a foundation for determining the proper amount. In addition, the class will focus on reasonable compensation as a tax planning strategy, including impacts on other tax …

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Reasonable Compensation for S Corps

On-Demand Via NAEA We will deliver an informative and entertaining webcast that provides a deep dive into Reasonable Compensation for S Corp.’s and arms you with all the tools and knowledge you need to advise your clients on this issue.

The 6 Steps of Simplified Tax Planning for SMBs

In this session, Dawn will walk you through the simplified tax planning process she uses for her Schedule-C and S-Corp clients including how she leverages entity planning as the natural starting point for every conversation and why reasonable compensation calculations are essential, and how they can be revenue-generators for your firm.

Reasonable Compensation for S Corps

In this session, we will debunk common myths on how reasonable compensation should be calculated and replace it with facts and methodologies that the IRS relies on.

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