5 Simple Wins to Grow Your Bookkeeping Business


5 Simple Wins to Grow Your Bookkeeping Business

Download our Simple Wins Guide today and learn how a reasonable compensation analysis can add value to your clients, discover how reasonable compensation affects everything from payroll taxes, tax planning strategies and so much more!

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    Between a Rock and a Hard Place: What To Do When the Client Won’t Get a Reasonable Comp Report

    You are probably aware that taxpayers who own a C Corporation and Subchapter S Corporation who provide services in that corporation are required to take a “reasonable salary.”  But what…
    Client Advisory Services June 27, 2023

    Maximizing Tax Savings for Digital Content Creators: Understanding Reasonable Salary for LLCs and S Corps

    If you’re a digital content creator, chances are you’ve seen something online about the potential tax savings of switching from an LLC to an S Corporation. However, most of these…
    Best Practices May 3, 2023

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