About Us
Jack, CPA, CGMA, is the owner of Jack Salewski, CPA, a firm that is focused on tax planning, strategic operational planning and tax preparation for small and medium sized businesses. Jack is an expert on the topic of Reasonable Compensation as it applies to Closely-held Businesses. Knowing a Reasonable Compensation figure is only half the equation. Putting the Reasonable Compensation figure into context of the Business is where the Trusted Advisor adds his knowledge and wisdom to benefit the client and their business. Jack graduated from Regis University (Collage) in 1979. He immediately joined the staff of Duffy, Gordon and Hughes, CPAs. In 1982, he became part of Duffy, Griffin and Co, CPAs. In April of 1984 Jack bought out Norm Griffin and the firm became Jack Salewski, CPA. During the last 35 plus years Jack has been part of countless businesses going through part or all of the business life cycle.