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The Advisor Worksheet allows you to make and justify changes to a Reasonable Compensation figure. Note that the Advisor Worksheet will not make changes to a Reasonable Compensation report you generate. It is meant to be used as a companion document with the original Reasonable Compensation report you generate.

Note: The Advisor Worksheet is only available for Premium and Professional Subscribers.
Note: A report must first be Finalized before an Advisor Worksheet can be generated.

Generate an Advisor Worksheet

  • Navigate to the report you wish to generate an Advisor Worksheet for from the Clients.
  • Select Generate Advisor Worksheet.
  • Input needed compensation adjustments in the appropriate field and leave notes regarding the reason behind these changes in the Notes and IRS Red Flags field. The adjusted reasonable compensation figure will display at the bottom of the page.
    NOTE: All field definitions can be viewed by hovering over this icon:
  • The Advisor Worksheet Report can be viewed, printed, and/or saved as a PDF by selecting¬†View Report PDF.
  • View an Advisor Worksheet Sample Here

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