De-Activating & Re-Activating Users

From the Administration tab, select Users. Here you can Add, De-Activate and Re-Activate Additional Users. Keep in mind that only the Administrator or an Alternate Administrator has access to this tab.

  • To Deactivate a User, select the User to be deactivated

Deactivating a User

  • Once the User to be De-Activated opens, select Deactivate User and confirm

Deactivating a user

  • If the User being De-Activated has clients attached to their profile, you will receive an alert to Re-assign that Users clients to an Active User

Reassign orphaned clients

  • To Reactivate a User, select Deactivated Users and click on the User you want to Re-Activate

Reactivate a user

  • Once the User to be Re-Activated opens, select Activate This User and confirm

Reactivate a user

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