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Reasonable Compensation Reports

Reports in Minutes

Generate a full reasonable compensation report in minutes using our proprietary tool that includes step-by-step guidance to calculate an accurate and defensible figure.

Custom Branding

Add your firm logo and color scheme for a fully branded report for your clients.

Delivery Suppression

You have the option to send reports directly to your client or suppress delivery until they have been reviewed. Reports are editable for up to 30 days so you can adjust as needed.


Get custom reports in minutes

Review & send reports to clients

Add your own branding

Methodology Approaches

Cost Approach

Also known as the Many Hats Approach, the Cost Approach breaks down the time spent by the business owner into various duties performed and quantifies the amount of time devoted to the different duties. The Cost Approach generally works best for small businesses where the business owner provides multiple services for the business.


Market Approach

Also known as the Industry Comparison Approach, the Market Approach compares the business owner’s compensation to compensation with businesses of the same size and industry. The Market Approach generally works best for medium and large businesses where the business owner provides only one duty: management of the business.


Income Approach

Also known as the Independent Investors Test, the Income Approach seeks to determine whether a hypothetical investor would be satisfied with their return on investment when looking at the financial performance of the business in conjunction with the compensation level of the owner. Generally used in litigation to support or discredit a primary approach such as the Cost or Market.



Customize reports for your client

Choose from 3 IRS approved approaches

Professional Tools

Entity Selection Planner

Quickly determine what business entity is most beneficial to your client and generate a report that details savings over a ten year period.


Warp Speed Wages

Look up any wage data point in our database in seconds.

Pro Advisor Worksheet

Detail your notes regarding a client’s reasonable compensation figure along with any adjustments needed and append this worksheet to the official report.


Fast insights for entity selection

Instant access to wage data

Add your own notes to reports

Professional Resources

Resource Library

Access court cases, IRS job aids, whitepapers, eBooks, articles and more on the topic of reasonable compensation.

Advisor Network

Market your firm as a reasonable compensation expert in our advisor network used by SMBs to find their next accounting partner.

Audit & Litigation Support

Tap into the knowledge of our team of experts when undergoing audit or litigation where an RCReports report is key evidence.


IRS job aids

White papers & court cases

Engagement letter templates

Trusted by Industry Experts

“Whereas you may have to spend 4 hours, or 6 hours, or in some cases 2-3 days to determine reasonable compensation for a given party, now this can be done in a matter of minutes…I really believe the data in RCReports and the analysis they’ve done will go a long way towards avoiding issues with the IRS related to reasonable compensation.”

Michael Gregory Former IRS Agent, now in private practice

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