Maximizing Revenue Through Reasonable Compensation: Dawn Brolin’s Comprehensive Guide



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Join us for an in-depth webinar led by Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, as she unveils her step-by-step approach to leveraging reasonable compensation to generate substantial revenue. This session will guide you through the entire process, from understanding the fundamentals of reasonable compensation to incorporating it into relationship pricing through Ignition. Dawn will also address how to work with clients who are not initially involved in reasonable compensation but are interested in her services. Learn how to strategically price services, conduct detailed analyses, and ensure compliance with S Corporation tax reporting requirements.
  1. Understand the importance and implications of reasonable compensation in S Corporation tax reporting.
  2. Learn how to integrate reasonable compensation analysis into relationship pricing strategies.
  3. Follow a step-by-step guide to conducting thorough and compliant reasonable compensation analyses.
  4. Enhance client engagement and retention through effective touchpoints and comprehensive deliverables.
  5. Expand service offerings with entity planning analysis for added client value.
  6. Utilize Ignition for streamlined client engagements and secure payments.

*Not for CPE credit

About the Instructor

Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE

Dawn is The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals and the CEO of Powerful Accounting, Inc.

For more than two decades, Dawn has been a well-known and respected educator and motivator for her clients, other accounting professionals and technology solution providers. She is known for innovative collaborations within the accounting profession including with her technology ecosystem partners which are included in her Team Brolin Starting Lineup.

Dawn is a member of the Intuit Tax Council, the ADP Advisory Board, and the Avalara QuickBooks Advisory Board. She has also received many designations and recognitions throughout her career including the most recent “The 2022 Top Presenters Awards“ by as well as Insightful Accountant’s 2020 Top Niche Practice ProAdvisor: Forensics” and one of  Accounting Today’s “2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting.”

As an in-demand thought leader, speaker, and the author of The Designated Motivator and The Designated Motivator for Accounting Professionals, Dawn believes that motivation and strategic planning is not a one-time event, it is a critical part of being able to achieve the success you want for yourself and your team.

Dawn has appeared on many top-rated news programs and is consistently recognized with awards of distinction in the accounting profession. She has delivered hundreds of webinars and keynote speeches and works with many technology solution providers to help them better understand how to create and market their solutions. She is also a Designated Motivator to her peers and the collegiate softball team she is the assistant coach of at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Dawn’s podcast, The DM Disruption podcast can be listened to on Apple, Spotify and Google as well as on her website,

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Maximizing Revenue Through Reasonable Compensation: Dawn Brolin’s Comprehensive Guide



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