You are ready to subscribe to RCReports – Great! When you are on, at the top of the page you can click a link that says "Get Started"


You will confirm you are a tax or financial advisor:


Next you will enter your firm name (so that we're sure you don't already have an account):


Enter in some basic information about your firm and choose which plan you would like to subscribe to. This is also where you will enter a promo code if you have one:


Now some of your information:


And finally confirm your order and pay! That easy!


on Thursday April 18

Basic and Premium subscribers can add additional users to the account. Basic comes with two seats, Premium with three. You can purchase additional seats if needed.

1. If you have a seat available, navigate to the Administration tab on the left side of your dashboard. Under System Users you can select Add a User


2. Enter the new Users information and set their permissions. The new user will receive their temporary password via email.



on Thursday April 18

You can change your email, password and personal preferences in the My Profile tab on the left side of your dashboard.


When you update your password you will be logged out and asked to log back in with the new password.



on Thursday April 18

Premium subscribers can brand their reports with their firms logo! Your logo will appear on reports and the on-line interview making your client's experience more professional. In addition your logo will appear in the RCReports referral network (if you have opted in).

1. To upload your logo, select Premium Content/Logo from the Administration tab on the left side of your dashboard. There you will find a link to upload or replace your logo.


2. Next upload your logo from your PC. Make sure that the logo is in the proper format and size for best results.


3. All done.  Now open a Report and see how it looks:


on Thursday April 18

Did you know RCReports receives hundreds of visits each month from business owners looking for guidance on Reasonable Compensation? Because of this, we built the RCReports Referral Network to help them connect with you.

You can opt IN to the RCReports Referral Network from the Administration tab. If you are a Premium subscriber we include your logo and some additional space to customize your listing:

You must have completed at least one report using each of the 3 approaches we offer before joining the Referral Network.


After you confirm your eligibility you can opt in and out at any time.


on Thursday April 18

From the Administration tab, select Users. From here you can Add, Activate and De-Active Additional Users. Keep in mind that only the Administrator or an Alternate Administrator of the account can make changes in this tab.

From here you have the ability to add a new user, de-activate an existing user, re-activate a de-activated user and manger all users permissions.


To de-activate a user, open their profile by clicking their name. At the bottom of their profile is a button to deactivate them. You can reactivate them at any time.


To re-activate a user, click on Show: Deactivated Users.


The user profile will open. At the bottom of their profile is a button to activate them.



on Thursday April 18