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RCReports Shines in IRS Audit!

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By Paul S. Hamann

In January RCReports was used effectively in an IRS audit appeal.  The CPA, armed with knowledge from our webinar, and a Reasonable Compensation Report generated by RCReports, was successful in lowering his client’s Reasonable Compensation figure from $100,000 to $60,000 – saving their client employment taxes, interest and penalties on $40,000!  

Tools: Issue Letter on Reasonable Compensation
Need some help explaining Reasonable Compensation to your S-Corp clients?  We can help.  

Views: Documentation, Documentation, Documentation
The simplest piece of advice you can give your S-Corp clients on the issue of Reasonable Compensation – document How and Why they arrived at their Reasonable Compensation figure.  Put the documentation with the businesses records for that year and relax.  Follow this simple process year after year and you will build a consistent, defendable Reasonable Compensation policy.

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