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You’re Busy We’ll Keep it Brief

By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA

A big thank you for making RCReports The Leader in Determining Reasonable Compensation for S Corps, Small and Closely Held Business Owners.  We know you are in the depths of tax season so we’ll keep it brief.

When you come up for air after tax season, login to your RCReports dashboard and check out the upgrades and improvements:


New RCReport: Normalizing Compensation for Valuation:  Designed specifically to determine Reasonable Compensation for Owners and Key Management of Small and Closely-Held Companies.

Expanded Proficiency Levels:  We expanded the proficiency levels from 3 to 5!  Now you and your clients can zero in on a Reasonable Compensation figure with a much greater degree of accuracy.  P.S. – RCReports is the only one with 5 proficiency levels for every occupation in every location throughout the U.S.

Referral Network:  RCReports is designed for CPAs, Tax & Financial Advisors.  When a business owner comes to us looking for an advisor we will send them your way!  Login to your RCReports dashboard and Opt-In today.

Optional Advisor Worksheet:  Need to consider additional information for a client before their Reasonable Compensation figure is finalized?  Use the Advisor Worksheet and add your knowledge and wisdom to your client’s business situation.

Add your Firm’s Logo:  Brand the interview and reports with your firm’s logo.  Make RCReports look and feel like your firm’s own program!  From the interview through the final report, your clients will see only your firm’s name and logo.

Quick wage lookup:  Need a wage in a hurry?  Look it up in our exclusive wage database in seconds.

We appreciate all the feedback you gave us last year.  Here is what we are up to this year:

New RCReports:  Look for reports that will help you recommend entity type; predictive reports – see what Reasonable Compensation might look like in the future; and more…

Thanks again to all who made suggestions, and congratulations for putting another tax season in the rear view mirror – Cheers!

conferenceThinking about Conference Season?

Conference season is coming up.  Below are links to a variety of conferences for every taste.

MartiniHypnotism or Martini
Need some help forgetting about tax season?  Try Hypnotism – or a Martini, whatever works…

What Hypnotherapists and Bartenders make, Low-High in San Francisco CA:

Proficiency Hypnotherapists Bartenders
Low $17.69/hour $9.87/hour
Below Average $27.62/hour $10.55/hour
Average $40.33/hour $11.70/hour
Above Average $61.91/hour $17.54/hour
High $85.21/hour $24.95/hour
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