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Case Study: Profitability V. Distribution and Reasonable Compensation


By Paul S. Hamann

One of the most frequent questions we receive on the issue of Reasonable Compensation (RC) for shareholder-employees (SE) of S Corp’s revolves around the profitability of the S Corp.  Unfortunately, RC has very little to do with the Profit or Loss of an S Corp, and everything to do with the S Corp’s Distributions.

RCReports Shines in IRS Audit!


By Paul S. Hamann

In January RCReports was used effectively in an IRS audit appeal.  The CPA, armed with knowledge from our webinar, and a Reasonable Compensation Report generated by RCReports, was successful in lowering his client’s Reasonable Compensation figure from $100,000 to $60,000 – saving their client employment taxes, interest and penalties on $40,000!

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