Business Valuators

Business Valuators

For business valuators, appraisers or investigators, normalizing a business owner’s compensation is a critical piece of the valuation process as there is an inverse relationship between Reasonable Compensation and value derived for the enterprise. Without a point solution, the compilation of Reasonable Compensation estimates for business valuation or investigation requires exhaustive scrutiny of the case law, monitoring ever-changing regulations, then painstakingly calculating the value of the services your closely held business clients provide in exchange for their salaries.


A significant component of a valuation report is the owner’s Reasonable Compensation. However, many small business owners have multiple job titles they perform to varying degrees, making it challenging to decide precisely what their Reasonable Compensation should be. RCReports ensures that when determining a business owner’s Reasonable Compensation, you can easily break down their job duties by title and percentage of time and then provides you and your client with accurate wage data supported by an independent, third-party source.

Watch this short video to see former IRS agent Michael Gregory explain just how helpful RCReports can be for business valuation purposes.


It used to be that compiling a Reasonable Compensation report took hours or even days. Pouring over wage data, comparing geographic regions, and finding comparable salaries was an exhausting and inefficient process. Luckily, RCReports has done the work for you. We’ve assembled a database of over 12 million data points for wages covering virtually every possible position and geographic region your clients may require. Not only that, but more than 60% of these data points are exclusive to RCReports. Joining RCReports will provide you with access to better data through a user-friendly and straightforward interface that will save you valuable time.


In the event of an IRS challenge to a Reasonable Compensation figure, it’s good to know that the data and calculations used come from an independent third-party source. With RCReports you can be sure that our numbers are unbiased and represent an accurate Reasonable Compensation figure for your client. Every report provides you with supporting resources, including case law, IRS rulings, whitepapers, and more!

Added Value

Growing your business and revenue is vital to any business owner. With business valuation services at RCReports, you can add value to the work you do for your existing clients while also adding another revenue stream. Not only will your clients be happy you’re protecting them from potential IRS attention, but for a small investment, you could be saving them thousands of dollars they might have to spend to defend themselves against a Reasonable Compensation issue. More revenue for you and added value for your clients – it’s a true win-win!

Download our solution brief to learn more or find out just how affordable a subscription to RCReports is on our pricing page and get ready to provide your clients with compliance protection that is fast, efficient, and adds serious value to your services!

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