Do you have closely held business clients? RCReports is the number 1 reasonable compensation solution that determines Reasonable Compensation figures for small and medium closely-held business owners from start-up to those with $25m in adjusted gross profit and up to 250 employees.

Business owners demand that when they pay for a tax professional to handle their company’s finances, they are protected from issues with the IRS. While a challenge from the IRS is never completely unavoidable, Reasonable Compensation calculations from RCReports come with all the documentation and support necessary to make sure they withstand IRS scrutiny. We provide you with access to IRS criteria, court rulings, geographic data, and exclusive salary intelligence to accurately assess Reasonable Compensation and assure clients that the independent calculations are entirely defensible in the event of an IRS examination or litigation.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to compensation expert Stephen D. Kirkland talks about how RCReports helps with compliance for Reasonable Compensation.

For CPAs, EAs, and tax advisors, the stakes in helping your clients meet the challenge of increased IRS focus to their Reasonable Compensation determinations are high. An IRS examination could include heavy back taxes, penalties, and interest. Without a point solution, the compilation of Reasonable Compensation estimates for tax planning and preparation requires exhaustive scrutiny of the case law, monitoring ever-changing regulations, then painstakingly calculating the value of the services your S-Corp and closely held business clients provide in exchange for their salaries.

Why do all this work yourself? We’ve got a simple, cost-effective solution to your Reasonable Compensation challenges. Now for limited time only, try out this powerful solution for only $249*!

RCReports is your one-stop solution to calculating Reasonable Compensation figures that are accurate, defensible, and supported by the latest in IRS rulings and geographic data.

Learn more about the #1 Reasonable Compensation solution by watching this
pre-recorded webinar.

Solution Benefits for Tax Professionals:


At RCReports we’ve been through the trials of working as tax professionals. We know that not only do you need accurate and independent Reasonable Compensation results, but you also need them as fast as possible so you can deal with all the other issues that come up during tax season. By using our intuitive, web-based interface, you have access to robust reports that provide clear and accessible insights into your client’s Reasonable Compensation for tax planning and preparation. What used to take hours or days is now at your fingertips in minutes.


Growing your business and revenue is vital to any business owner. With RCReports you can add value to the work you do for your existing clients while also adding another revenue stream. Not only will your clients be happy you’re protecting them from potential IRS attention, but for a small fee you could be saving them thousands of dollars they might have to spend to defend themselves against a Reasonable Compensation issue. More revenue for you and added value for your clients – it’s a true win-win!


Providing your clients with Reasonable Compensation calculations used to be a
painstaking but necessary job. Now, with RCReports, you can provide your clients with instant and accurate Reasonable compensation calculations that provide essential regulatory and compliance coverage. Not only can you provide them with this high-value service, but you can do it at a low cost, quickly and efficiently.


“I subscribed because we are getting more and more S-Corp clients and wanted to add this tool to our quiver, so to speak! In the past we have shied away from S-Corps and as a result we have a whole slew of LLC’s filing as partnerships. But as some of these operations are growing exponentially it is imperative that we shift them to S-Corps in order to control taxability and get them more in the mode of operating like larger businesses and better understanding their responsibilities taxwise.”

It is imperative that we shift them to S-Corps in order to control taxability
David D. EA, Cedar Hill, TX

“I have known about your product for quite some time but have been unable to convince clients to look at this. I now have a client undergoing an IRS audit challenging his low S corp salary. The IRS wants to reclassify all distributions as wages, even above the reasonable salary amount. I need some credible basis for the reasonable salary amount I can take to the examiner.”

I now have a client undergoing an IRS audit
Larry W. CPA, Hamilton, OH

“Great software. As a CPA, S Corp officer compensation has become a big issue as you know.

Your software takes the “guesswork” out of my work and helps substantiate our basis for officer compensation in case

of an audit.

In addition, it was very helpful to me to validate my compensation as an S Corp for 2018 😊”

Your software takes the “guesswork” out
Hugh S. CPA, Lakewood Ranch, FL

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